How to maintain your hat

With the right handling, you can extend your hats life span. We have compiled a guide with a couple of general tips on how to maintain and clean your hat so it keeps looking sharp and classy.

Cleaning of dust and dirt
If it is straw hat, you can wipe it with a damp cloth. Is it a felt hat, you can use a soft brush (a hard brush can destroy the felt). Start on the left side of the hat and then brush counter clockwise towards the back of the hat all the way around. This way you avoid destroying the texture of the felt.

If your hat is exposed to water
If your felt hat becomes wet, lower the inner leather strap and put the hat on the sweat belt allowing it to dry in its natural shape. Avoid placing the wet hat on the brim as this may cause the hat to bend out of shape. Never use a hair dryer and never store a wet hat in a box – as this will also cause the hat to bend out of shape.

Water and oil stains
If your light coloured felt hat gets stained with water or oil, it can be cleaned using a little talcum powder or cornstarch. Never use liquid detergents as it may damage the felt. If you cannot get rid of the stain yourself, we recommend that you find a professional hat cleaner. For example, large sweat stains require professional care as they embed themselves deeply into the felt.

Storage and handling
Avoid exposing your hat to direct heat from ovens, radiators, lamps, etc., as the combination of heat and sweat may cause the sweat band to shrink.

It may be a good idea to air the sweatband once in a while by flipping it down, thus avoiding e.g. sweat to embed itself into the straw.

Always store the hat upside down on a flat surface to avoid the flattening of the brim of the hat.