Our hats categories

We catagorize our hats and headgear by type and design. This makes it easier to find in and gives a quick overview when finding the item you need.

A hat is produced with a shadow all around and usually has a ribbon around the crown. The hats designation refers to the models produced in a classic expression. The models are produced in many different materials and range from the bowler to the cowboy model.

Sixpence / Flat Cap
Our sixpence models, a Danish term, are a flat and often soft cap, made primarily of leather or fabric material. In England, the hat is referred to as a flat cap, which we also use MJM, as we also have customers internationally.

This term we often use about all other types of hats and caps. The model you will most often encounter here is the baseball hat, but we also use the designation of products like rowdy hats, various caps and shadows.

This is a category we use about the headgear that typically falls outside the above. Be it hats, trappers, pandeband and pelshatte etc.

Know your flat cap

Our flat caps comes in many different models and in many different variations. However, there are usually some features that go back in our models. These are easier to distinguish when you know our name designation and the way they are built. Below we have made a list of the most common models.

A tight-sided model known for its 6 diseases that descends from the top. This design is also found in the model Gatsby, Golf and Jones.

This model is characterized by classic, fully shaped fit with only three vertical stitches in the neck. Very similar designs are also found in the models Victor and Jordan.

A model known in the three-part and tight-fitting fit. A very popular model whose closest sister model is Jacky.

A model that is easily recognized on the five horizontal diseases that ensure a tight fit.

The model is easily recognizable on the six double stitches that run down from a knob on the top. “Rebel Design” is also produced in the Montreal and Artist models.