Our production of hats

Almost all of MJM’s hats are produced in Italy and are manufactured using only the best fabrics and straw materials from all over the world. In our hats production we use materials like Harris Tweed, Shetland wool, Suede, Organic cotton, Genuine Leather and Panama straw, etc. Many of our hats also come with special features such as Earlaps, Genuine Oilskin, Water Resistance, Cooling Feature and SPF with UV Blocking. etc.

So whether you’re into stylish wool felt hats or a modern sixpence, the quality and fit are always on the highest level when you buy an MJM product.

MJM Accessories
M.J Michaelsen A/S is of course much more than just our famous hats. We are a brand that produces everything from beanies and gloves to umbrellas and raincoats. Therefore, be sure to look for the MJM logo the next time you shop.

Ecology is becoming a priority

At MJM we are very environmentally conscious and we demand that our production be as clean as possible. Therefore our product range also includes fair trade and ecology and we intend to expand our focus in this area in the future.

Because our hats are more than just an accessory, they are a also statement and we are constantly working to make our products reflect our values.